Synbiotics deliver sustainable health benefits through a scientifically formulated balance of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics.

What are Synbiotics?

Prebiotics + Probiotics + Postbiotics


Prebiotics are dietary fibers that provide nourishment for all the beneficial microbes in your gut.

Inulin is the fiber derived from Chicory root which is one of natures most soluable prebiotics, and used in our Bio-az synbiotic formula.


Probiotics are the beneficial microbes that are essential for your gut health.

Bacillus subtilis is our chosen probiotic in our synbiotic formula.

Bacillus subtilis spores are naturally highly resistant to temperature, extreme pH, gastric acid; bile and solvents, hence keeping viability in the gut, and Bacillus subtilis can be stored for long periods without refrigeration (Olmos J, 2014).


Postbiotics are the metabolites and substrates produced by probiotics to deliver health benefits to you.

In addition to Bacillus subtilis’s ability to strengthen beneficial intestinal flora, inhibit harmful intestinal bacteria and produce protein and starch degradation enzymes, it can promote the secretion of some beneficial vitamins, such as the production of B-complex vitamins and vitamin K (Aditya R Bhat, 2013; Barnes, 2007; Nagai, 2012).

What are the benefits of Synbiotics?

  • Mental Health

    95% of serotonin is produced in the gut making gut health a priority for improving mental wellness, anxiety and sleeping habits

  • Immune Health

    70-80% of your immune systems is based in the gut and a healthy gut biome is responsible for constantly stimulating your bodies immune response.

  • Digestive Health

    Developing a healthy gut biome by limiting the growth of pathogens is critical for improving digestion and mineral absorption and reducing IBS

  • Skin Health

    Reducing non-beneficial microbes in your gut will help reduce rosacea, eczema, acne and the effects of aging.