Balance for your biome - Part 4. What the .... is a synbiotic

Balance for your biome - Part 4. What the .... is a synbiotic

When we arrived back in Australia just before the pandemic, I was trying to figure out what path my career would take. As a side note, I will say that 40 is not always the best time to make these changes but that's worthy of an entirely different blog. After 16 years in a multinational organisation, I was keen to try something a little different and a bit more entrepreneurial. A mutual connection, put me in touch with these two remarkable ladies to go for a coffee and see if there was something that we might do together.


Well, they certainly got my attention. These two ladies were the founders of a company that was launching a synbiotic kids’ juice. My first thoughts... “hold up! a synbi.what? What the hell is that?” I knew prebiotics. I knew probiotics but I'd never heard of synbiotics. So, we spend the next 60 mins exploring everything do to with Synbiotics and I then knew this would be the next road my career would follow. 


Why you ask? Well, let me explain what synbiotics are and what they do, then you can let me know if I made the right call.


On the surface it's simple. Synbiotics are the synergistic combination of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. Probiotics are the beneficial microbes; prebiotics are the fibres they need to thrive and postbiotics are the substrates and enzymes they produce to provide us with health benefits.


That's what a synbiotic is, but what really got me interested was how synbiotics work.


When Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”, I can’t help but think he might have had synbiotics in mind. Well, truth be told it wasn’t, but he was explaining the concept of synergy and how it applies in the world. Like so many of nature’s systems, synbiotics combine different elements to create a balanced process essential for our bodies to function well. Each element on its own will serve a purpose but without the others the impact is limited. For example. There’s no point taking probiotics if you’ve got a diet with little non-digestible fibre (prebiotics). Your gut flora will get insufficient nourishment to function effectively and vice versa, there's no point taking prebiotics if your gut flora is depleted because there’s not much there to feed.


So that being said, I’ve really tried to simplify the explanation on how synbiotics work. Feedback is always welcome but here goes...


Our synbiotics cleanse: Our probiotics compete against non-beneficial microbes and pathogens by producing anti-microbial substrates. It’s essentially nature’s own antibiotics that remove the bad microbes to create space for the good microbes.


Our synbiotics restore: Our unique microbes (to be expanded in future blogs) have properties that have evolved over millennia to enable them to survive the stomach acid and vegetate in gut where they embed and help restore balance to your gut flora.


Our synbiotics nourish: The complimentary prebiotics will not only provide nourishment for our probiotics but will provide nourishment for ALL your gut flora which massively amplifies the health benefits for you.

So, that’s a simplified view of how synbiotics work and that’s what initially piqued my interest. However, what really got me hooked is why our synbiotics (now known as bio-az) are so ground-breaking but I’ll save that for next time. Enough typing for one day.


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